Ballad of the Broken Shield

From north to south and east to west
Over the hills and across the fields
Gort the great did fight the best
Because of his trusty shield

All enemies who did battle with Gort,
(for Gort had quite a few foes)
Were cast aside, their attacks cut short
Gort’s shield deflected all blows

And so the story of the shield did grow
until it was known far and wide
and the gawds above, and the gawds below
watched, with their eyes open wide

And while they watched, Gort battled, still
even greater foes he did find!
The gawds saw Gort dismember, and kill
Dragons, and even giant-kind.

The strength of the shield was immense beyond seeing
So, the gawds decided right there:
“Gort’s shield is too strong for a mere mortal being
We must intervene, just to be fair”

So the gawds, in their folly and misguided daze
descended upon Gort in the night,
they broke up the shield in ten different ways,
and cast them far and wide.

However, they say, the shield was too strong
for wrong gawds petty and dour
whosoever can gather the shards cast along
can remake it, and regain it’s huge power

Ballad of the Broken Shield